Mobile applications

Android & iOS

I started creating mobile applications a few years after the debut of smartphones. My first attempts were unsuccessful. Android SDK was complicated, Microsoft didn't show better environment, but what Steve Jobs came up with was a nightmare. How many languages should I learn? Soon I quit.

But someone came up with Phone Gap. Soon the name changed to Cordova. It was possible to work. The bonus was that one Java Script code could be compiled for Android, iOS, Windows Mobile and Bada operating systems. Soon only the first two remained.

The written code was ready as a website. With Agular's support for two-way data binding and creating own directives, it was faster and nicer. In addition, Cordova had Microsoft Visual Studio support. Using these tools, I created two applications. One showed on Google maps where the bison with telemetry collars were located. The second application was the mobile version of Dataportal.

Soon there was a competition in the form of Vue.js and its successor Quasar.js. These frameworks had all the benefits of Bootstrap, Angular, and Cordova. They were more convenient to work. I created Agreus, Sonitus, Ble713 and the second version of Dataportal (see my portfolio).

Mobile applications does not bringing the browser to a small screen. It is also possible to use interfaces such as Localization, Compass, Near Field Communication, Bluetooth LE, or Firebase Cloud Messaging Notification. Mobile application also cooperates with Smartwatch. Everyone carries with him Smartphone. Thanks to this, he is provided with immediate notifications.

I am a fan of the Quasar.js framework. I don't have to learn the weird iOS language and learn about OS-specific libraries. The community has created many plugins to support the work. In addition to the before mentioned Cordova, there is also Electron, which allows you to compile the written code for Windows, Linux and OSX operating systems. An example of such a symbiosis is my MTmanager study (see my portfolio).

My previous professional experience and constant desire to learn new technologies make me a very good candidate for the position of mobile applications developer.