.Net Core 6 web application hosted on Linux server

Having more free time, I've created web application to improve

Hosting .Net Core web applications in an Azure environment seems natural and most companies take advantage of this possibility. It is certainly an effective and reliable solution. However, it comes at a high cost. Small companies cannot afford this solution. Therefore, it is still popular to host PHP applications, although their speed is not the highest.

I tried the non-standard way. Since Microsoft promises to compile .Net Core also for the Linux operating system - I wanted to check it out. I found a provider that hosts up to two domains for less than $30 a year. For such a low amount of money, one should not expect a lot of cladding power. For me, however, it was completely sufficient. The project is used to create an index of names found in the documents of the Polish Institute of National Remembrance, which I provided.

To create the backend I used Visual Studio 2022 Community version. I compiled the web application in .Net Core 6 version. I used MySQL as the database. The frontend is done in Angular. In this case, the appearance is not the most important, I used Bootstrap without any modifications.

You can try the application by clicking To read the basic data of the Linux server select Informcje and then Serwer from the menu.

The application is not yet polished. The site is functional insofar as it runs user login and writing names to the database of people indexes. However, finishing work is underway - on the appearance, refreshing in the browser window, refreshing JWT tokens, SSL support and generating JSON files, which will be pasted into a page containing scans of IPN documents.