Materials collected by the security service under communism

Having more free time, I returned to my memories and the former project.

During the communist era, I was an opposition activist. The security service collected detailed materials on me in order to indict me. After Poland regained its sovereignty in 1989, access to the archives was soponiously opened.

I received my first materials from the IPN on March 13, 2004. A black-and-white photocopy of the contents of three folders stapled with colored string and sealed. My dear wife - Zosia laboriously scanned these several hundred pages. If it were not for her dedication to the stupefying task, you would not have, Dear Internet user, had the opportunity to get acquainted with a piece of communist Poland back in the early 21st century.

In C++ I quickly wrote a program to scale scanned bitmaps and generate individual views for the viewer. I was able to create the first version of the file. It was 100% static and absolutely primitive. Not only in appearance. It only allowed you to move between the individual pages of the folder. Every couple of years I would get additions to the materials and weave them into the existing structure. It was temporary...

Like any makeshift, it survived the years and even reached adulthood. I made the current version in early 2023. I used Visual Studio Code as the editor. I used the Angular framework. I happened to be practicing its 15th version and made the new edition of the site as an exercise. Of course, the site was responsive. The HTML files were rife with *ngFor loops or *ngIf conditions. I made abundant use of directives, decorators and nested components. Of course I used routing and animations. See live at https://teczka.sarata.pl. and sources at GitHub.