web concept of MT manager
General info

In 2020 I implemented the web concept of MT manager. I based the backend on node.js and mongoDB, the frontend on quasar.js. This framework with Cordova and Electron support allows you to compile common JS code into native applications for Android, iOS, Windows, Linux and OSX operating systems.

The study has the normal ability to log in, register, remind, etc. Telemetry functionality is limited. My proposal was to share the module configuration with friends of module owner. The area drawings are 1024x1024. 128x128 module symbols.

The things I wanted to show are:

  • Tree in the browser like in MTM
  • The tree context menu
  • Live preview of UDP transmission
  • Serial port in the browser
  • Json configuration files directly converted from xml with one click
  • Compilation of installers for various operating systems
The demo on Youtube